Check out our first IDIM Fellows' Basic Research Orientation! 


We believe that a strong understanding of Basic Research is important to provide the best care to patients across the globe. Thus, we want to provide opportunities for our fellows to gain experience with research and learn more about the talented faculty within the division.

The key aims of the program are : 

  • To highlight resources and tools related to basic research
  • Connect clinicians and researchers 
  • Provide opportunities for funding and research conference

Check out these Basic Research Groups!

Image of Dr. Taylor Bold
Tyler Bold, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine 

Primary Research Focus: Advancing understanding of how the adaptive immune system combats infection with bacterial pathogen responsible for human TB










Image of Dr. Ashley Hasse
Ashley Hasse, MD
Professor of Medicine 

Primary Research Focus: Currently investigating the globally predominant sexual route of HIV transmission with the goal of developing effective vaccines and microbicides









Image of Dr. Alon Herschhorn
Alon Herschhorn, PhD 
Associate Professor of Medicine 

Primary Research Focus: Understanding and targeting HIV-1 host interactions at the molecular and cellular levels.









Image of Dr. Timothy Schacker
Timothy Schacker, MD
Professor of Medicine 

Primary Research Focus: Utilizing IL-15 to deplete HIV reservoirs and improve immune responses. Additionally, antifibrotic therapy to improve immune reconstitution in HIV


Image of Dr. David Boulware
David Boulware, MD, MPH 
Professor of Medicine 

Primary Research Focus: Meningitis in resource-limited areas including diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and quality improvement initiatives while incorporating cost-effectiveness










Image of Dr. Geoffery Hart
Geoffrey Hart, PhD
Assistant Professor 

Primary Research Focus: Research focuses on innate immunity, particularly NK cells, in malaria to understand protective and pathological mechanics of the disease









Image of Dr. James Lokensgard
James Lokensgard, PhD
Professor of Medicine 

Primary Research Focus: Investigating the role of CNS-infiltrating peripheral immune cells in driving chronic activation of brain-resident glial cells following viral infection


Microbiology Research Facility